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136.5959E, 35.7549S (158m)

The Lighthouse was very isolated in those years, and a scene of tragedy. It is the only square stone lighthouse in South Australia.

Built in 1858, it is the third oldest remaining in South Australia.

Supplies had to be landed by boat and hauled up a long steel railway at nearby Harvey's Return.

The small cannon was put in place to signal ships of danger before the introduction of radio.

The light was converted to automatic operation in 1989.

There is a small cemetery at Harvey's Return, where there are 16 headstones. It is a solemn reminder of the hardship endured by early lighthouse keepers and their families. One keeper died a slow agonising death after having his eye pierced in a fall. Children died of diseases with no access to medical treatment. One child was found at the bottom of a steep cliff, killed in the fall. Other children simply disappeared in this rugged scrubby terrain.

The lighthouse is on the far north west of the island. The last section of road is gravel, and is closed after wet weather.

Tours of the lighthouse and museum are conducted daily.

Accommodation is available.

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