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2797  Slant

3541' S, 13730' E

Population: about 80. This pretty town is on the banks of the Cygnet River. The town is sprawled out along the road on the way from Kingscote to Parndana.

Many small industries thrive here. These include:

Marron Farming

Bee keeping

Sheep Dairy

'Governor' Wallen lived here and greeted the first settlers when they arrived at Reeves Point in 1836. The first settlers had thought that the island was uninhabited and were surprised to meet a man that called himself 'Governor'. He had come to the island and started an orchard about 15 years earlier. He supplied sealers and himself and some of the other island 'residents'. When he met the settlers he was dressed in animal skins and was a rough looking character. He assisted the settlers to find water and supplied them with fruit and vegetables from his orchard. He lived to an old age and died in Adelaide. His body was returned to Kingscote for burial in the historic cemetery at Kingscote - near Reeves Point.

In earlier times Kangaroo Island was supplied fruit and vegetables from an orchard located here. This orchard was divided up after the death of the owner and now nearly all fruit and vegetables come from mainland Australia.

Located 15 kms (10 miles) from Kingscote it shares the climate of that town. Water is supplied from the Middle River Dam as the River itself does not supply suitable drinking water.

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