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1051 Slant

3551' S, 13744' E

37 kms (23 miles) from Kingscote, 25 kms (15 miles) from Penneshaw, 16 kms (10 miles) from American River.

South Coast

Small swell on north-easterly winds. Sand banks and shallow water makes surfing on these days possible.Pennington Bay Car park and cliff for observer viewing. Big waves shut down the bay and make surfing difficult. Strong rips on some days can catch inexperienced surfers unaware.

Beginners to experienced on small days, definitely experienced on big swell days. Very popular beach prepare to have others there when you are.

1 km (.6 miles) dirt road suited to all cars at the entrance, very rough in places, sealed road from all other points to the entrance.

Beaches and reef area is good for quality fishing and swimming with caution.

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The information on the left is taken from the Tourism Kangaroo Island Brochure.


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