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The surf around Kangaroo Island varies significantly over the course of a year. Here we note where the surf breaks can often be found at 5 different localities. The most dramatic swell occurs from the south-west and weather permitting this means that the majority of surfable waves are found on the south and west coasts of Kangaroo Island. Northerly winds and larger swells make waves on the northern coast.

Kangaroo Island is a special place with unspoilt, clean beaches and water. Respect for the delicate ecosystem and the local residents is required before considering a surfing holiday on Kangaroo Island.

The water is always cold and a full wetsuit is required for any surfing. As the terrain and access is rough in some areas a 4-wheel drive and knowledge of the island is a must. Bitumen roads access all areas of the island but some driving on unsealed roads is required to some sites. Particular care should be taken at Pennington Bay where there can be a strong undertow and drownings have occurred there.

Five of the main surf beaches are:


The information on the left is taken from the Tourism Kangaroo Island Brochure.

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